One of our most challenging requests to date was the shipping of several grandfather clocks from South Africa to Canada, the UK and New Zealand. This was the first time we had received a request like this. Needless to say, we were pretty nervous at the prospect. Luckily, we love a good challenge!

The challenge, however, seemed enormous at the time: from the meticulous wrapping, packing and then handing over of the goods to the airlines responsible. Luckily, the airlines we deal with are completely reliable, trustworthy and really good at what they do, so we knew they were in good hands. However, grandfather clocks aren’t exactly your average goods. Bubble wrap alone certainly won’t suffice.

Imagine carrying a grandfather clock down a steep staircase. Even in this scenario, so much can go wrong! Now imagine having to pack these delicate items into crates, and trust that nothing goes wrong during the moving and transportation of these precious goods. Yikes!

Sturdy as they may look, grandfather clocks are extremely fragile and even the slightest little knock can lead to damage. Each clock had a glass door, so we were concerned not only about the fragile inner mechanism but the outer façade, too.

Securing the mechanism so it would not move abruptly took lots of patience, caution and a lot of God’s assistance. At the end of the day, everything went smoothly, the transportation of all three grandfather clocks was successful, and we lived to tell the tale 🙂