Globalisation is a reality: we are living in an exciting age that gives way to countless opportunities beyond our own borders. Careers are no longer ‘fixed’ and require a degree of flexibility and adaptability – you never know when you might be offered a position overseas, or have to relocate for your company. In some cases, people actively seek this out. Others simply love to experience life in other countries, and sometimes the lifestyle other countries afford your family is a major draw-card.

Whatever the reason, the point is: our friends, families and loved ones often end up spread all over the globe. Long distance relationships are more commonplace than ever, and families spread across different continents is a reality many South Africans are familiar with.

It’s not easy being far away from the people you love. All we can say is ‘thank goodness for the internet!’ If you want to go one step further in surprising a loved one this Valentine’s Day, go one step further them calling them on Skype – send them a surprise that’ll make their month!

Sending a package over a long distance doesn’t have to be daunting. Calco Cargo specializes in dealing with personal shipments, and we have experience in everything from gifts, precious artwork, grandfather clocks and everything you can possibly think of in-between!

Put us to the test this Valentine’s Day, and surprise your special somebody from afar. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to go the distance 😉

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